UC modul – Sea water condensed chiller systems

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RCK chillers represent the maximum evolution in modular air conditioning systems. Thus, there is not a single big unit anymore, but the units become extremely flexible to the dif- ferent installation necessities and our customers’ exigencies. The RCK gamma is  composed of independent modules available in two sizes – 60.000 and 80.000 BTU/h – which are easily connectable to each other, both hydraulically and elec- trically, until a maximum of 8 modules and up to a maximal power of 640.000 BTU.


The single module may be used on its own or matched with other modules in order to obtain the requested cooling capacity. Each module can  work in an absolute in dependent way and, in case of failure of a single module, it may be easily isolated from the others, which will continue to work regularly.

The microprocessor control device monitors and optimizes each module, which works to reach the desired temperatures, obtaining the maximum efficiency at part loads. Each module is equipped with its own electrical connection and its own main power switch.

Thanks to their compact design, the RCK chiller modular matching requires inferior spaces than single chillers of equal capacity do.

Thanks to a compact and slim geometry and to its light weight, each module may be moved without any difficulty, and it gets easily through doors and hatches.

An air-conditioning system realized through RCK modules offers  wider  enlargement opportunities. Indeed, whether there is the exigency to develop the unit, it is sufficient to add further modules. In this way, the cooling capacity may be increased easily and economically.

Each single module is equipped with a single highly efficient scroll compressor, a cupronickel condenser, a stainless steel brazed plate evaporator, a thermostatic valve, a cycle inver- sion valve for the heat pump heating. Basement, structure and panelling – if requested – are entirely realized in stainless steel AISI316




potenza frigorifera  



modul 1


modul 2

  [BTU/h] moduli 60000 [BTU/h] 80000[BTU/h]
RCK106 60000 1 1  
rcK108 80000 1   1
rcK212 120000 2 2  
rcK214 140000 2 1 1
RCK216 160000 2   2
rcK318 180000 3 3  
rcK322 220000 3 1 2
rcK324 240000 3   3
rcK424 240000 4 4  
RCK426 260000 4 3 1
RCK530 300000 5 5  
rcK432 320000 4   4
RCK636 360000 6 6  
RCK540 400000 5   5
rcK742 420000 7 7  
RCK644 440000 6 2 4
RCK648 480000 6   6
rcK848 480000 8 8  
RCK756 560000 7   7
RCK856 560000 8 4 4
RCK660 600000 8 2 6
RCK864 640000 8   8
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