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EV030 sizes: l 100mm x p 100mm x h 18mm
Box sizes: l 200mm x p 120mm x h 115mm

SSS is a device that allows a quick and easy automatic anchor retrieval. The product includes two elements, an EV030 flybridge chaincounter (SSS compatible) and a special relay box. The device is applicable to any windlass on the market with a 1700 W(*) maximum power.
– the product functions just like a normal chaincounter, so you need to enter the menu and activate the SSS system (this is a setting that will be kept in memory).
– Once you moored you need first of all to free the chain from the sea bed through the standard unmooring manoeuvres and start retrieving the chain.
– Once you go over the last 6 meters threshold, pushing simultaneously UP and DOWN buttons the windlass will automatically retrieve.
– From that moment on the windlass automatically retrieves slowing down gradually until the anchor fits into the bow roller, with no stroke, neither the necessity of going on the prow, leaving the chain in tension.
– In manual mode it is possible to retrieve the chain in the standard way, but during the last 3 metres the device will automatically slow down in order to position the anchor with no strokes, leaving the chain in tension.
(*) Please verify the number of terminals and power of the motor before buying the device.

SSS_102M 2M 500W – 1700W 12V
SSS_103M 3M 5000W – 1700W 12V
SSS_202M 2M 500W – 1700W 12V
SSS_203M 3M 500W – 1700W 24V

“Secure Sail System” (SSS) is a device for automatic or manual anchor retrieval, that is composed by two elements: an EV030 (SSS compatible) flybridge chaincounter and a special power unit box.The system is provided with an automatic mode, that allows a soft and gradual anchor retrieval. The windlass speed reduces progressively until the anchor is in the bow roller, without any hit and leaving the chain in tension. The only intervention you need to make is the start up through the simultaneous pressure of two buttons.If you don’t want to use automatic retrieval, it is possible to retrieve the chain manually, exploiting anyway the speed reduction in order to control in a better way the operations.Technical data and models availableThe system is applicable to any windlass in commerce with a maximum power 2000 W(*)

In case you need to accelerate retrieval procedure it is possible to deactivate SSS function and the device functions without speed regulation. In this mode we recommend you to activate ”alarm up” (please see EV030 manual) in order to be warned whenever the anchor has been fully retrieved.If the SSS function has been activated ”alarm up” is automatically deactivated, because retrieval is made through a gradual speed regulation that allows to complete the manoeuvre safely, positioning the anchor in the bow roller without any hit.


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