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The Kompass-8 remote control can handle up to 8 channels of transmission
operating two winches and the bow and stern thrusters. With
the shortcut key is also possible to operate simultaneously two thrusters,
making even easier the mooring. Floating transmitter IP67. Attendance
868Mhz or 913Mhz.

Receiver’s functioning

Receiver is supplied with 8relays outputs with common contacts (Please check wiring diagram); common contact must be connected to positive or negative pole, according to thepolarity of the load connected;In order to avoid overload due to short circuit, put in a 6A fuse. When you turn on the receiver, the green led LINE blinks few timesand after 1 sec. the red led for programming turns on as well.The red led keeps turned on for about 15 sec., during this time the receiver is enabled to receive a new transmitter’s code and to memorize it. It is possible to store up to 5 transmitters at the same time; whenever more than 5 transmitters are memorized, the receiver accepts thelatest code cancelling the first code received. When the red led is turned off you cannot make any TX memorizing procedure;The pressure of one button on the transmitter turns on the corresponding yellow led on the receiver and the operating of theoutput that is concerned;

Programming Procedure

After powering the receiver when the red led is turned on steady follow these steps:1.Turn the new transmitter on, pressing the button ON;2.Keep the button DOWN_LEFT;3.Press the button PROGR on the receiver;4.Releasethe button DOWN_LEFTof the transmitter;5.If the code has been recognized the led blinks in succession four times, then it turns off in order to confirm that the new transmitter has been memorized;6.Verify the correct functioning of the new transmitter ;Inorder to add a new transmitter to a device that you already use, turn the receiver on and follow this procedure:Press and keep pressed the button PROG on the receiver as long as the red led turns on, then release it.Repeat the procedure starting from step 1

Battery replacement

Unscrew the 6 screws on the transmitter’s back and take the rear part of the box away;Replace the batteries employing exclusively 1.5V AA batteries. Please respect thepolarity; reversing batteries doesn’t damage the transmitter, but stops its functioning;Position the rear cover and screw the closing screws.

Connecting the optional external antenna

Open the receiver and remove the internal antenna from the terminal board;Cut the cable at the necessary length and keep it as shortest as possible;Run the cable of the external antenna in the hole already made and connect it to the terminal board: the cable shield must beconnected to the GND contact, and the radio signal wire to the ANT contact:Close the receiver and fix the antenna to the boat loom by usingthe flat washer and the nut given in equipment.

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