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size: L 94 mm x H 74 mm
COM.UP/DOWN size: L 50 mm x H 88 mm

New MZ control panels are available in 2 ,4 or 6 buttons models so that any type of load with a maximum capacity of 2 A. can be easily controlled. Suitable for use with anchor winches, tack bumpkins, gangways or other accessories fitted to the vessel, these panels are limited in size, smart and adaptable to any style.

HOW TO USE EV330 / EV550 PANELS In order to turn the control on, press the button ON. The lighting is signalled by the green led “LINE”. The gangway activation by means of the pressure of one of the buttons IN-OUT (even UP-DOWN for EV550 model ) is signalled by the turning on of the red led “WORKING”. The turning off of the panel takes automatically place 1 minute after the device has not been employed. In order to turn it on again, you need to press the ON button again. A protection against accidental manoeuvres has been installed; thanks to it, the pressure of one button, deactivates the functioning of the others: it is possible the activation of one button a time. Furthermore, after releasing one of the buttons, the pressure of a different button is accepted after 0,5 seconds, in order o protect motor from charge overloads.

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