Viper V24CC

Price available on inquiry
  • Suitable transom or side hull mounting
  • Surface mount, requires 22mm/0.86″ cable entry hole
  • Recommended for boats upto 25m/80ft
  • Max Lamp Lumens 12000 / Fixture Lumens 6500
  • Typical LED life expectancy 50,000 + hours
  • Voltage 12/24v, Power Draw 5A@12v / 2.6A@24v
  • For Mains voltage systems purchase our 110/240V PSU
  • Over voltage,current,reverse polarity,active thermal trip.
  • Nano Coating Technology
  • Fixture profile 31mm,1.2″
  • Fixture diameter 120mm,4.7″
  • Lens: optical grade 8mm Boroscilicate glass with anti stick coating,60 degree beam angle
  • Body AB2 Bronze throughout
  • Weight 1.6kg, 3.52lbs
  • 2 years warranty
  • Delrin Isolation Sleeve must be used if fitting lights to Aluminium or Steel hulls

The new Viper V24CC DMX has been designed with extreme durability and longevity in mind.

Multi-Level Sealing Technology (MLST) components are loaded into the cassette type assembly from the rear where multiple sealing methods and materials are utilised providing the ultimate protection against moisture, water & chemical damage. Constructed from Billet marine grade AB2 bronze with an ultra-thick 8mm Borosilicate window.

Almost unlimited Colour options can be strobed,dimmed or sequenced allowing you to pick the best colour to compliment your enviroment,suit your mood or create a custom party theme with our light to sound function.

The Bluefin RGBW WIFI DMX Controller is also required with this product.

New Hydro Block cable technology.

Available colours:

Colour Change

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