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The TSC complies with EMC standards (electromagnetic compatibility) but requires correct installation to avoid compromising its performance and that of the surronding instruments.For this reason the TSC wires must be positioned at a distance of at least:

• 1 m away from cables that carry radio signals (except SSB radio transmitters).

• 2 m away from cables for SSB radio transmitter signals.Follow the rules below to construct the electrical installation relative of the TSC:

• Connect the TSC connectors to the connectors coming from the TMS

.• Put in a switch, to turn on and shut off the TSC (not provided).

• Position the switch so that it is within easy reach should it be necessary to shut off the TSC in an emergency.• Insert a 100mA quick-acting fuse on the command power supply line (not provided).

• Use wires, for the TSC power supply, with a correct cross section according to their length.

• Do not use supply from the motors or thrusters battery circuit for the TSC.

• Before switching on the power to the TSC, check that all the electrical connections are correct.

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