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The Bluefin Elite Superyacht SY48R-VA and

SY48R-FF series boasts the highest fixture

lumen light output currently available on

the market.

Flush fit weld in section for either Steel or

Aluminium hulls.

Variable angle 0-45 degree weld in section

for either Steel or Aluminium hulls.

The LED cartridge can be serviced or

upgraded from inside the hull eliminating

the need to haul the vessel.

Available in White, Blue or RGBW Colour

Change which can be controlled via our

dedicated touchpad controller/app or

our I.Y.S Control system for MFD/Mobile

devices. Alternatively the lights can be

integrated into the yachts existing DMX

control system.

Type approval Lloyds, DNV or ABS by

design appraisal documentation.

2-Year Warranty

Mounting Type Weld in

Cofferdam Type 0 – 20 Degree 0 – 45 Degree

Hole cut out size 130mm

Fixture Lumens 26,000

Max Wattage 255 Watts

Typical Life Expectancy 50,000 hours

Voltage 110 / 220v

Power Draw 2.3amp @ 110v / 1.1 amp @ 220v

Protection Over / Under Voltage and Current, Reverse polarity and Thermal


Fixture Length Std Cofferdam 157 mm 301 mm

Fixture Diameter 140mm

Lens Type Optical grade 8mm Borosilicate glass with Guard X coating

Fixture Material 316L Stainless or Type Approved Aluminium

Beam Angle 60 Degree FHWM

Warranty 2 year

Type Approval Design Appraisal Document Lloyds, DNV , ABS or RINA

Available Colours

Diamond White 6500k

Cobalt Blue


Features Endless colours, cycling, strobe, dimmer or sound to light

Suitable Use Below the water-line only

Spacing 1.2 – 2mtr

Driver Type External IP67 plug and play driver with built in WIFI / DMX

Total weight 5.3 kg Stainless

3.5 kg Aluminium

8.9 kg Stainless

4.7 kg Aluminium

Attatched cable length 1.8mtr Plug and play IP67

Included in box Plug and play power communication leads and interlink cables, WIFI /

DMX, driver box and fittings instructions

WIFI/DMX Controller DMX controller with built in WIFI and phone/tablet app download

I.Y.S Lighting Control Control via MFD screen or mobile device

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