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Safety standards and certifying bodiesrequire peremptorily that, during thestanding ofthe anchor, the load must beheld by a chain stopper or a highresistance fixing point.The user is responsible for guaranteeingthat during navigation the anchor isproperly stowed and fixed. Thisprecaution is moreimportant when thenavigation speed ishigher and seaconditions are worse. Indeed, an anchorpaid out by mistake during navigationcan have very serious effects.Considering its position and not alwaysfrequent use, the anchor windlass isparticularly exposed to oxidationandcorrosion risk; therefore, it is necessaryto arrange a constant inspection of itsparts and a due maintenance.Make sure to have read and understoodevery part of this manualbeforeproceeding with installation and use.Only persons who know how tooperateshould be authorised to use the anchorwindlass. Should there be doubts on itsinstallation or use, refer always to askilled consultant.•Anchor windlasses used in aninappropriate way can causedamagesto persons and/or things.• Pay the utmost attention during theuse of powerful equipment.• Even the most careful use can be asource of damages, even serious.• Italwinchproducts are suppliedexclusively for recreationalnauticaluse. Italwinchdeclines allresponsibilityfor improper uses.• Pay the utmost attention so that arms,legs, fingers, hair, and clothes do notget entangled in the chain or gipsy.• Before operating the capstans, makesure that there are no persons in waterin the vicinity.

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