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ELECTRIC FOOT SWITCHELECTRIC FOOT SWITCH Electric foot switch allows the control of any kind of windlass, by means of the pressure of the foot on it.It can be easily connected to control boxes produced MZ Electronic or to any relay which has the function of normally open contact.It operates both 12V and 24V with a maximum 5A current.It is supplied with security cover, which avoids any accidental operation.The device is supplied assembled and ready for installation.

PAY ATTENTION:All connecting operations must be made while the battery is disconnected.

Installation procedure:

Make a hole on the deck in order to let the cables in, using the drilling template attached.

Connect foot switch cables to the control box, following the electric scheme supplied with the control box.

Fasten the footswitch to the deck, as they help in making the device perfectly watertight.

Reconnect the device, controlling its functioning.

Perfectly watertight control for relays or other loads, which can be activated by the simple pressure of your foot. Perfect watertight execution.

Max. loading: 4 A. Inox steel base. Fitted with a hinged thermoplastic crashproof flap cover in order to avoid fortuitous operation.
Control button in sea water resistant silicon rubber. Available in grey, white or stainless steel.
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