Coelmo PDT412A2*-64 

Price available on inquiry
Model:  PDT412A2*-64
Engine:  4012-46TAG2A
Cooling:  Water
Cylinders:  12
Displacement:  45842
Power PRP:  1535 [kVA]
Power LTP:  1688 [kVA]
Electric Features:  400/230 V + N
RPM:  1800

COELMO® Manual Control Panels are designed and realized in a way to unite a unique command system, the controls and the protections of the Generating Sets avoid breakdowns caused by of lack of oil and high engine temperature.

Realized in zinc plated steel painted in epoxy powder with a minimum protection grade of IP30 (on request they can be supplied separately), they are protected from the vibrations created by the Generating Set by isolating blocks.

A magneto-thermal 3 pole circuit breaker (4 pole on request) guarantees the electrical protection of the COELMO® Generating Set.

Upon request, a wide range of accessories can be applied to the Manual Control panel according to the end user’s needs.

The digital control module Giotto M represents the synthesis of COELMO®’s experience and technology.

Giotto M is designed for a complete management of the Generating Set with a intuitive and efficient user’s interface.

With 4 programmable inputs and outputs, Giotto M is easily customizable.

COELMO® Automatic Control Panels allow to automatically receive the alimentation of the Generating Set within a few seconds from verification of a black out on the main electrical network. When the main electrical network returns to normal function, the COELMO® Automatic Control Panel will change over to the main electrical network’s alimentation all the utilities connected. Functions of the Automatic Control Panel

– Automatic start up of Generating Set when the tension of the main electrical network varies from a pre-defined value (programmable);
– Automatic insertion of the Generating Set as main source of electrical energy as soon as the working parameters are reached;
– Verification of the engine paramiters and those of the alternator through special protections
– Automatic disengagement of the Generating Set from the utilities once the nominal tension of the mains is reached;
– Period of time to allow for the tension to stabilize;
– Programmed slow shut down of the Generating Set to allow the engine to cool down gradually;
– Predisposition for a new service;
– Battery charger to guarantee the correct efficiency of the battery and of the alimentation of the comand/control system;

The internal change over switch (optional) is realized with contactors mechanically and electrically internally blocked up to 250A and with motorized change over 1-0-2 higher than 250A.


The new automatic digital control module Lexys AMF is an electronic board for the automatic or manual management of the Generating Set.

The Lexys AMF is the best solution to monitor and communicate with the Generating Set.

Thanks to the new technology, COELMO® has been able to integrate in a unique interface all the most sophisticated control systems with the most efficient and safe comand modules.
The Automatic digital control module Lexys AMF is the synthesis of the knowledge that COELMO® has gained in over 70 years of project development and the realization of Generating Sets.

The user’s interface of Lexys AMF is optimized for an easy reading, even in the most difficult visibility conditions , and also for it’s highly elevated functional reliability throughout the time.

The new Lexys AMF technology allows the function of the Generating Set both in manual mode and in automatic mode. The electrical and mechanical parametres of the Generating Set are continuously monitored by an advanced logic system that offers functional security and immediate response in case of a black out.

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