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BILAC-001 is a switch with two stainless steel sensors, which detects the presence of water in the boat bilge and controls the drain pump.

Thanks to two stainless steel sensors, the BILAC001 switch detects
the presence of bilge water and automatically activates the
relative drain pump. Is is perfectly suitable to any kind of bilge pump and to any size of craft.
Suitable for bilge pumps up to 20A

Installing the switch

• The switch must be installed in an upright position with sensors in frontal position on a wall inside the bilge compartment using the screws supplied – see Fig. A.

• The height of 45 mm (1” 3/4) of the switch can be adjusted through the two slots of the fastening screws – see Fig. B.

•There must be a clearance of at least 10 mm (~3/8”) between the minimum suction level of the pump and the two sensors of the switch – see Fig. C. Connections • For instructions on making electrical connections, see the attached diagram. Install a safety fuse suitable for the pump motor power rating

• The switch cable connection must be protected from contact with water. Provide a branch box (protection rating IP56) to be positioned at a high level with respect to the switch.

• The power cables must have a cross section of at least 1.5 mm².


After connection to the battery the green LED lights up and the switch is operative. When the water level inside the hull reaches the two sensors of the switch, the LED goes off. If sensors remain in contact with water for at least 12 seconds consecutively, the pump starts up. The LED will light up again when the water level goes below the sensors; the pump will stop with a 30 seconds delay after the LED goes on, to permit the complete drainage of bilge. The switch is provided with overheating protection, with intervention approximately at 55°: the red LED turns on and the pump stops. Restart is automatic when switch temperature is approximately less than 35°.


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